Shpongle Interview

Shpongle aka Simon Posford is the newest artist to talk with us via email. He brings his Masquerade show to Moogfest 12:30am Saturday night at the Arena.

1) You have a history of providing an intense visual experience at your live shows. From where do you draw inspiration for this?

I delegate! I don’t make the visuals myself, but rely on artists such as Zebbler, Pixel Addicts or Lucent Design to come up with something suitable to accompany the music. I don’t involved too heavily, because i think you need to give an artist as much freedom as possible to be able to express themselves without stifling creativity. I will comment if i actively dislike something, or i can provide feedback on stuff i particularly like. For the current Masquerade tour i sent a massive list of keywords, with links to pictures, such as: druggy,  sacred geomterysteampunktwelve monkeys, DMTFetish, Salvador Dali, Dark – but not scary, Surreal, Alien technology, ElectronicOrganicPhotorealisticOrgasmic, Storm ThorgersonChris Cunningham, NatureCyborgParticle PhysicsScience, music of the spheres, Outer Space, Exploration, Magritte,  Escher, Symmetry, Time Travel, Tim Burton, Opiates. When we perform Shpongle Live with the full band, Raja Ram and i will find various performers, dancers and bizarre acts from the internet to join us onstage.

2) Do you ever worry about the visual spectacle overshadowing your music?

I think they should complement each other, but whether one is capable of overpowering the other i’m not certain… Can your sight overpower your hearing? They can be conflicting, which i wouldn’t be so happy with, despite the fact that this can occur during a psychedelic experience… I want them to be harmonious.

3) What is the most impressive costume you have seen at one of your shows?

A birthday suit.

4) Do you have any plans in the works to play some Shpongle live sets?

No. Raja Ram has been unwell lately, and we have no immediate plans to perform with the full band again, but that is not to say it won’t ever happen again.

5) What challenges have you encountered in organizing Twistival?

I don’t have a lot to do with the organisation, but playing for 7 hours in hot dusty conditions in Israel was quite taxing on my body. However i happen to be in most of the bands on the Twisted Records label so i don’t have a lot of choice.

6) How did you first get into eastern music?

I don’t remember a specific occasion. Do you remember how you first got into western music? I probably heard something at a festival that i liked.

7) How do your side projects differ from each other?

They differ in terms of the musicians i collaborate with. Shpongle is with Raja Ram, Younger Brother is with Benji Vaughan and Hallucinogen is only myself.

8) Has running your own label changed how you create your own music?

No. But i don’t have much to do with the running of the label. I just provide music for it.

9) What is your favorite Muppet?


10) Do you see a difference in the crowds at festivals versus your shows?

I suppose festival crowds are more mixed. People tend to dress up in costume more for Shpongle shows.

11) If you made a movie, what would it be about?

The two major themes: Sex and Death – Creation & Destruction. Or maybe a psychedelic porno 🙂

12) What do you look for in new equipment?

Character, originality, usability, and something that inspires me to play with it.

13) What was your first concert?

My parents took me to see Elton John when i was 9 years old.

14) Have you ever considered relocating from the United Kingdom?


The last two are fun questions meant to help settle some of the silly arguments we have on the site.

Soup or Salad? One of my mottos when it comes to dichotomous dilemmas is: “When in doubt, do both”. Same applies here.

How do you feel about pandas? As a man, i can relate to anything that eats, shoots and leaves!

-Christopher Lewis


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