Pantha Du Prince Interview

Pantha Du Prince aka Hendrik Weber plays Friday at Moogfest 2012. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions that we had for him through email.

1) The first question is from Andrew, another site administrator – “What (other than music) influences your music?”

film, visual art, literature.

2) What was your first piece of musical equipment?

a flute when I was a child and after that, an acoustic guitar as a teenager.

3) In your bio, I read the term “avant-garde folklore”, how would you reconcile that idea since the two words are often seen as opposites?

Isn’t techno music also folklore? Well, tribal music is of interest for the moniker pantha du prince. For me, it is all one thing: a sonic manifestation.

4) You list Morton Subotnick and Harold Budd as influences. Do you plan to see their shows at Moogfest?

It would be a pleasure. The San Francisco Tape Music Center is very interesting.

5) Do you try to inspire a specific visual using your music?

There is quite a visual aspect to it. I need to take pictures and video all the time while outside and also process these pictures. I use them as an atmosphere, hanging them on my studio walls. It launches intuition in a way and gives way for sounds.

6) What philosopher have you read the most?

 Most recently, I read Giorgio Agamben’s “The Man Without Content”. It is a very interesting book for artists. Before that, I was quite into Paul Virilio.

7) You recently released an LP with Stephan Abry? How was writing an album as a duo comparing to writing as a solo artist?

 It´s communication and that decisions are made together. There is a level of reflection you would not have in a solitary process.

8) When can we expect the next Pantha Du Prince release?

In January 2013. Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory will release “Elements of Light”, a 43:30 min track on Rough Trade Records.

9) Your sound is often described as minimalist. Have you ever considered making songs with a bigger sound?

Listen to The Bell Laboratory release in January. Maybe that will give new terms to describe the sound.

10) What sparked your interest in the idea of black noise?

It was on my research “Poetic Words” list that I collect during the year. Of course, the landslide I found in Switzerland, where we recorded the album, was the crystallization for the word itself as time frozen sculpture of the word itself.

11) You live and work in both Hamburg and Paris. What is the best part of each city?

Paris is alive, full of speed, multicultural and has a very compressed atmosphere. It is very inspiring and has this special light that always enchants me. You wander through the streets and you find little treasures every time you are out searching.

Hamburg is more quiet but still has a very vivid nightlife. The North Sea and The Baltic Sea are very close so nature is very present. The harbour evokes the lust to travel the world every time I’m there. It is very much clear and easy living in Hamburg.

12) You have a background in carpentry. Have you recently had any projects using this?

I just built a bed for my guests. It relaxes me to build things. Sadly, there is not much time for this. I designed a shelf system and studio table system recently as well but have not built them yet.

The last two are more fun questions that are meant to help settle jovial arguments on our site.

Pancakes or Waffles?

Neither if they have gluten. Gluten-free waffles, how delicous!

What is scarier: snakes or spiders?

Both are pretty useful animals but very scary. Rather fearing the snake.

-Christopher Lewis


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